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Outdoors NSW & ACT
Trail Bike Sub-Committee

Enabling the opportunities of outdoor activities for health and wellbeing 

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The Outdoor NSW & ACT Trail Bike Sub-Committee was formed in 2020 with the objective to:


Recognise the contribution that Trail Bike activities provide individuals and regional economies.


Recognise the challenges of participation and work with stakeholders to lessen barriers and create harmony with other outdoor pursuits.


Investigate opportunities to help support a sustainable approach to participation.

Released in April 2022, this White Paper aims to summarise the challenges of the Trail and Adventure Bike community in NSW & the ACT. It calls for action in 4 areas.

Also released in April 2022, the Discussion Paper accompanies the White Paper providing a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges in participating in Trail and Adventure Bike riding. 

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Trail Bike riders are from all age groups but the most common is 45-54 years of age, closely followed by 35-44 years of age


Trail bike riding has been proven to provide mental health benefits for participants and also provides significant economic opportunities for regional communities


The average rider partakes in the activity 34 times a year and rarely travels more than 2 hours from their home to ride.


Cost of registration, noise, conflict between activities, lack of facilities tailored to trail bikes, safety and environmental damage are all factors that limit the growth of the activity

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