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Member Resources

As a member of Outdoors NSW & ACT you receive access to many resources to help guide your operation, your organisation or business to be sustainable and generate outcomes. We spend the time, the money and the expertise to research and deliver programs that the industry would benefit from. 

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Membership Portal

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Every member gets access to the membership portal where there is over 300 resources and content.

Connect & Share Forums

Members are welcome to join any Friday at 10am to hear on various topics, updates, business advice and more. If you are unable to join members can access every recording in their membership portal, including presentations.

Events, Conferences and more

Each year there is either a Summit or a MasterClass for the industry. In addition we hold ad hoc events during the year for specific topics or needs. Membership discounts are in some instances allowing access to these events at little to no cost. Your membership can be paid back to you in savings in one year.

Depending on the level of membership you may be entitled to a free strategic session each year with the CEO to help your strategic activities. And members receive weekly communications that ensure members have the most relevant news for them first. Industry newsletters are disseminated once a month to subscribers. 

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