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Outdoors NSW & ACT
Privacy &  Inclusion

The Outdoors does not exclude anyone and neither do we.

We encourage the industry to be inclusive, not exclusive and we respect your private information.

How we practice inclusion


  • We put people first

  • We acknowledge the traditions of the land that occurred before us and pay respects to our past, current, and emerging elders who are the traditional caretakers, storytellers, and knowledge bearers of the land, water and sky and acknowledge all Aboriginal people across Australia.

  • We encourage our industry colleagues to focus on ability, not inability

  • We work with individuals to address their needs if not met and encourage our operators to do the same. 

  • Where adjustments are not able to be made we are open and transparent about the reasons behind that inability, and we encourage our operators to do the same.

  • We communicate openly and sharing information inappropriate ways and formats and provide alternate ways of communication as often as possible.

We do not accept discriminatory language or anti-social conduct in any form.

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