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ANZSCO Review needed for the Outdoor Industry

One of the biggest challenges the Outdoor Industry has is being recognised through key tools such as government categorisations of industry. We found these challenges through COVID as our organisations applied for relevant financial support programs and depending on categorisation excluded some from gaining the much-needed support.

Here is the time to have your say on the categorisation of occupations under the ANZSCO review. THIS OPPORTUNITY CLOSES 12 APRIL so make sure you provide your feedback on the issues associated with our industry. Below are some dot points you may wish to include in your submission;

  • The Outdoor Industry in NSW & ACT makes up $7.8Billion* (*2018 Marsden Jacobs Report) and employed 77,000 people. It includes Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Education, Adventure Tourism and Nature Therapy. Yet only Outdoor Adventure Guides (the tourism component) are recognised in the ANZSCO.

  • Outdoor Recreation Leaders - Highly qualified in leading, first aid, and risk mitigation, these people help communities connect with nature experiences for health and wellbeing on a regular basis. They include activities such as adventure journeys, rock climbing, abseiling, orienteering, mountain bike riding and much more... (Min requirements; Cert IV Outdoor Leadership, Advanced First Aid)

  • Outdoor Education Leaders - Highly qualified in leading, first aid, risk mitigation but link all experiences to education curriculum for our youth to improve resilience, skills for life and increase physical activity. These leaders could be conducting annual school camp activities, guiding subject related excursions in nature or leading Duke of Edinburgh award programs as some examples. This is a growing area, in particular, in private school environments where schools are realising the positive outcome for their students by integrating more of the outdoor environs into their education. This has also increased outcomes of environment protection and climate change awareness. (Min requirements; Cert IV Outdoor Leadership, Cert IV TAE, Advanced First Aid)

  • Outdoor Therapists - With the growing mental health remediation options, this one is perhaps the largest growing and while mature in some countries like Japan is still emerging here in Australia. These people are often highly qualified health professionals who have seen the positive outcomes when taking their practices into the outdoors. This also includes the NDIS opportunities that the Outdoors can provide to increase mental health and wellbeing. (Min requirements; A Health-related Degree, Advanced First Aid)

In Australia, this industry is still emerging with large predicted growth in the next 5 years in comparison to more advanced countries that have outdoor recreation embedded in their culture and regular activities. Pre-covid we relied on international skilled workers to provide a majority of our employees in this area. We need to be recognised as industry players in occupation and career paths and adjustments to ANZSCO will support this change.

Calling urgent support to submit under the ANZSCO Review CLOSES 12 APRIL 2022 #outdoorindustry hashtag#outdoorjobs hashtag#outdooroccupations

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