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Outdoors NSW & ACT
Climate Change Committee

Sustaining the opportunities of outdoor activities for community health and wellbeing

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The Outdoor NSW & ACT Climate Change Committee was formed in 2021 with the objective to:


Provide insight into industry challenges in relation to Climate Change and provide updates where relevant throughout the year. This could include impacts to the industry, as well as challenges in mitigation and adaptation of climate change.


Produce or provide relevant information, tools, and resources accessible by industry to; assist individuals and businesses in the outdoor sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, assist individuals and businesses in the outdoor sector adapt to the impacts of climate change. 


Represent the outdoor sectors climate change needs to decision-makers.

The Outdoor Industry is calling for climate leadership.
Pledge your support.

Outdoors People for Climate have teamed together with Outdoors NSW & ACT and the Australian Outdoor Industry to ask the industry to join the voice for ACTION when it comes to Climate Change. 

The outdoor industry is facing significant impacts as a result of climate change. Continued worsening extreme weather events - including severe bushfires, flooding, extreme rainfall and heat waves - will interfere with business operations more and more.

CLICK HERE to join the pledge.

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Purpose Statement.

The purpose of the Climate Change Committee is to provide focused strategic recommendations to the Outdoor Industry to combat the effects of Climate Change - to support climate change mitigation and adaptation.
The Committee will do this by providing communications, tools, and resources to help advocate, educate, inform and engage in Climate Change needs. The resources will be provided to the Board of Outdoors NSW & ACT for endorsement and distribution.


Environmental damage

Extreme weather

Destruction of outdoor workplace

Risk and safety management

Program cancellations

Career Longevity


Zero waste initiatives

Increased recycling

Review of food offerings

Move to sustainable energy

Education and awareness

Reduced operational travel


Availability of finances

Availability of staff and resources

Lack of time

Inability to agree on changes

Landowners permission


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