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Joining the Outdoor Industry's Connect & Share Sessions

Ever had a chuckle over a tech hiccup? On our journey through life, snow, and the art of screen-sharing, today we traversed parenting's intricacies, the impact of weather patterns on ski resorts, and how the passage of time seems ever more rapid. Together, we navigate the challenges of modern living, sharing the laughter and the learning.

Every Friday we ask our members to join us online if they are around and have an hour to be informed on all sorts of topics... or if they can't, they can now access 149 episodes in their own Outdoors NSW & ACT membership portal.

As we approach our 150th episode next week we thought we would share the insights from today's session.

Delving into industry updates from the peak body, we unpack the Voice Referendum, the Climate Change Committee survey, and the Child Safe Committee meeting. We highlight the state government's youth grant and discuss the Destination New South Wales sustainability scorecard. We also take a deep dive into the Activity Safe Education Program and the Royal Life Saving Swimposium.

Our conversation took an exciting turn as we welcomed our guest, Kerrie Otto. Kerrie helps us explore the Duke of Edinburgh partnership's potential, a treasure trove for young people to share their stories and gain valuable experiences. We learn how organisations can leverage this partnership, the cost involved, and the enlistment process. Kerrie also gives us a sneak peek at the brand-new campaign aimed at young people and an interactive website - all under the Duke of Edinburgh's umbrella.

Sessions coming up;

  • 4th August - Outdoor Innovation Hub and Microcredentials

  • 11th August - Relooking at the trends we can not ignore in the Outdoor Industry

  • 18th August - Spatial Mapping Services - Why Digital and less Paper?

  • 25th August - Dave Alley and his attempt at tackling the Mighty Murray

  • 1st September - To Be Advised

  • 8th September - Live from the Sydney Careers Expo

  • 15th September - What happens when there is an incident? And what do the Coroners Court do?

To tune into our future sessions, follow this simple process... 1) make sure your membership is up to date, 2) register via the Connect & Share link in the members portal 3) and join us any Friday using the same details.

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