February Outdoor Industry Wrap

From the CEO's Desk What seems like an obvious outcome of COVID was the reconnection of families and a recalibration on the understanding of the value of human life, which luckily in Australia I think we understood well before and even more so now. So don't get caught up in the business of work right now and forget the importance of our people. As you know you do have a legal obligation but what I have witnessed over many years is those that do this well have excellent businesses as an outcome. For all business owners out there, ask yourself the question, 'what more could I be doing to prioritise the health and wellbeing of my employees?' Finding ways to show your team that you care really does go a long way to building a happy, healthy & successful workplace. As we speak of the importance of human life, on behalf of Outdoors NSW & ACT, our thoughts and prayers are with any of our Outdoor community that have family and/or friends in Ukraine. May they be safe and stand for what is right. Lori Modde CEO - Outdoors NSW & ACT

Congratulations Take 3 and the First Wave Project Last year Outdoors NSW & ACT joined with NPWS to support the First Wave project by Take 3, which looked at how outdoor tourism operators could help with litter reduction. They shared their outcome video with us which we shared on our last Fridays Connect & Share, you can view it here.

Mentoring Program starts 1 March

We have had an overwhelming response to this first-ever mentoring program for Outdoor leaders. This will be our first cohort with another intake scheduled for 2023. With an influx of mentees, we have a few more places for some mentors from the industry. Please register before Tuesday 1/3.

Inside The Outhaus National Discussions If you haven't been to a session yet, we encourage you to do so if you are an outdoor leader and want to connect with like minds. Held the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 17:13 (Syd/Mel/ACT time) precisely... Yes 5:13pm! Recent topics covered camp restrictions, AAEE International Conference, Pay and conditions and a lot more. Register to attend their sessions or review previous ones. Recruiting? Skilling? Recent updates from Skills IQ include some key opportunities for the Outdoor sector; -