Outdoors NSW & ACT
Mountain Bike Sub-Committee

Enabling the opportunities of outdoor activities for health and wellbeing 

The Outdoor NSW & ACT Mountain Bike Sub-Committee was formed in 2021 with the objective to; 

1. Recognise the challenges with increasing Mountain Bike activities for a well-engaged community and increased participation

2. Work with stakeholders to lessen barriers and create harmony with other outdoor pursuits

3. Create a resource of MTB case studies for industry use

Cycling Up the Hill



Mountain Bike riders are from all age groups and can be part of a club, group, organised program or individuals.


Mountain bike riding has been proven to provide fitness, coordination and mental health benefits for participants and also provides significant economic opportunities for regional communities

Who's Involved

This activity can involve schools, clubs, commercial operators as well as a significant number of volunteers that contribute to the maintenance of tracks and trails.


The co-existance of activities is often a challenge and the acceptance and engagement of the activity by communities of interest can be a success factor for the activity.


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