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Why Every Voice is needed in the Outdoor Census

At a time when the world came to a halt, the outdoor industry found itself unable to quantify its losses. The unmeasured number of outdoor participants, the jobs that should have thrived in the open air, and the lost turnovers—all remain unquantified, leaving a void that persists to this day.

This January, Outdoors NSW & ACT has launched the Outdoor Census and invites active industry participation. Conducted annually in January, this census aims to track industry changes, identify trends, and gather crucial data. This goes beyond a mere need for a peak body's understanding; it's about advocating for policy changes vital to the industry's well-being.

Outdoors Queensland led the way with the initial trial of the Outdoor Census. After NSW & ACT conduct theirs, we'll be able to benchmark against Queensland and collectively raise the bar at a national level, fostering a more informed industry setting.

Now, the mantle rests upon you—the outdoor businesses and organisations—to contribute your accurate, anonymous data for the greater good of the industry. Your participation will ensure that the policies enacted serve your interests in both the short and long term.

Submissions remain open until January 31, 2024, requiring just 10 minutes of your time. We extend our gratitude in advance for your participation, eagerly anticipating the summary that will empower us all to advocate on behalf of our industry.

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