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2022 MasterClass takeaways

... key things to share with the broader industry.

In late November, Outdoors NSW & ACT ran its second biennial MasterClass for Outdoor leaders. Held in Ulladulla over 2 days, the content presented and discussed enabled participants to engage in the key areas for business, community and environment in today's world. Sparking ideas that can transform challenges into opportunities and putting plans in action that will fast track results for those who attended.

See some of the testimonials from the MasterClass

"I loved Mandi's research based chats! Although a little drier, I thought it was important to go over the WHS and Child Safe aspects."

"It was a great opportunity to meet and discuss the industry with other passionate members of the industry and hear their perspectives."

"My team had a great time and thought it was well worth while attending"

"Good connections and hearing feedback from other groups was invaluable"

"Fantastic to have these events that reconnect industry members after some tough years"

The attendees scored the 11 different sessions as 98.2% relevant or extremely relevant for their needs. So whilst we would have loved to have had the whole industry there, that could not be possible so let us share some key takeaways that may help more of our businesses take something from the MasterClass 2022.

Outdoor Education

Following the recent camp research conducted, Carolyn Childs from Naime gave us some things to think about and take back to the businesses on what can be done better.

  • Support the passionate teachers that understand and engage in OE. They are not only your supporters but will advocate to others that may not realise the benefits.

  • Understand how differently OE is understood between regional schools and city schools. They also have different cultural barriers and risk appetite.

All Providers

Both Mandi Baker and Carolyn Childs emphasised the changing needs of consumers, community shifts and what this means for our industry.

  • Book ability is incredibly important. Providing easy access online without obstacles will become increasingly needed so document or research your customer journey and walk in their shoes to see what barriers may stop them or prevent them from returning.

  • Customer Service will also be an element that will increasingly distinguish you from not only your competitors but competing activities for their time.

  • Australia has seen the biggest movement in cultural demography in this century and businesses need to catch up. With more than half of Australia speaking a second language, what are businesses doing to be inclusive. Don't be blind sided by your own privileges and ensure you take an approach that creates social justice.

If you work in the Outdoors there is no doubt you already know what we contribute to society and framing that is incredibly important when communicating to our customers ad potential customers. We had a great discussion around our proactive health purpose and how we provide "ease", the opposite of "disease".

Training & Development

Credentials, micro credentials, and internal training is only one mitigation strategy to reduce risk and increase better operations in any business, but what's your plan for educating and continual development of your staff, knowing that is a main reason people move to other jobs because of the opportunity other organisations provide. In a time where staff are hard to get, its important to look after the ones you have.

Aboriginal Culture in the Outdoors

It was an amazing session with Dwayne that gave all attendees an insight into Aboriginal culture. Terminology around Aboriginal peoples has shifted to reference Ist and 2nd Nations people, the later referring to non-Aboriginal peoples. He emphasised the importance of connecting with your local clan as all 1st Nations clan's are different and how the modern context of their culture can often be a melting pot of beliefs and values. Dwayne explained that there is 150 yrs difference between white inhabitation and connection to white people in the outback or remote areas so there are different paces of inclusion and engagement.

Without local permission, Aboriginal stories are sacred and without such permission is like plagiarising, emphasising that the local clan connection is so important. To find credible aboriginal businesses is a great tool.

Well that is a quick snapshot of some of the take outs from the MasterClass, but there were lots more so hope we see more outdoors people at our MasterClass in 2024.

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