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Adventure Guides Australia has been providing premium quality adventures in North East Victoria, Victoria and parts of NSW for over 38 years. Our competent leader team can facilitate family and group recreational adventures for your group or you can join one of our regular advertised adventures on selected weekends and school holidays.

We also provide activities suitable for educational adventures and corporate leadership and team building programs.

We have half day, full day and multi-day programs available, with regular advertised abseiling, caving and other adventures in our weekend, long weekend and School Holiday programs at Mount Buffalo National Park.

Our proprietor, David Chitty has been adventuring all his life, starting with family trips and Scouting and later service as an Australian Amy Infantry Corps Officer in combat during the Vietnam war and as an SAS officer loaned to the Royal Papua Nu Guinea Constabulary to advise on riot control and internal security operations in the 1970’s.

He is also one of a nine individuals across Australia who were selected to write the key documents in the new Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAAS) for dependent groups. He was also selected for the nine person writing teams that produced the Rock Climbing and Abseiling Good Practice Guide (GPG) and the Caving GPG. He was also a part of the writing team that produced the overarching Adventure Activity Standard itself .

He is also represented Victoria on the Climbing / Abseiling and Caving Good Practice Guides writing teams

At Mount Buffalo participants can challenge themselves with amazing abseiling adventures, from a ten metre decent suitable for the beginner through to a 300 metre multi pitch expedition from the North Wall of the North Wall Gorge in the Mount Buffalo National Park. Our most popular abseil activities being the 10,25 and 35 Metre Beginners abseils and the Adventure Abseil challenge that includes a 45 metre free fall descent

Or, for those who like an extra challenge and a dash of added adventure, underground river caving is for you. Crawl through holes, climb up waterfalls and squirm your way through the spectacular granite boulder infill cave. If you are very lucky, you will see the ceiling of the caverns glow with the spectacular variety of glow worms which are endemic to the region.

Activities at Mount Buffalo include, Kids 4 and 8 metre abseiling (for 3 to 7 year old’s), Burston’s Crevasse Canyon adventure, Rock climbing, a range of half and full day abseil adventures, full day 250 or 300 metre abseil expeditions, the amazing Cathedral Climbing experience and the Underground river cave. We also have kayaks for hire at lake Catani and can lead bushwalks and environmental hikes,

At Beechworth we offer Abseiling and Rock Climbing, Flat Water kayaking on lake Sambell, aboriginal art site, goldfield and gold panning tours

With so many options available, Adventure Guides Australia is the right choice - from solo adventurers, couples, families, schools, community groups and corporate team building, Adventure Guides Australia have an activity for you.

For more information, contact Adventure Guides Australia by telephone, facebook, Instagram, visit the website, or call 0419280614.
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