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Australian Activity Adventure Standards

The AAAS are the go-to tools for any guided activity with dependant individuals or groups. They were compiled by an industry reference group and tested by industry. Approved in 2019 as the key tool for risk management, these resources are owned by the Outdoor Council of Australia.

The tools are made up of the Australian Activity Adventure Standards, the Core Good Practice Guide and Activity Good Practice Guides. In addition, Guidance Notes help to inform the industry in various areas such as Severe Weather or Employment Practices in the Outdoors. 

ONSWACT is working with Affinity Insurance Brokers to assist adventurous activity providers with understanding their risks and how the AAAS can assist in risk mitigation. The ActivitySafeTM Education Program will be launched in November 2022 for all Adventurous Activity providers in the country to conduct and path the way for more effective insurance solutions. See the article here.

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If public liability insurance is a concern for you register to receive our updates on activities regarding the insurance movements in regard to the Outdoor industry. 

Severe Weather Guidance Note

Thanks to the work of our Incident Response & Risk Management Sub-committee, we are pleased to make available to the industry the updated "Severe Weather Guidance Note" that was originally compiled by the Outdoor Recreation Centre Inc in 2009.
Updated with information for today's users, it's a great tool to use for planning outdoor activities. Thank you to our sub-committee volunteers.


Child Safe Standards and Resources

Ensure your business or organisation is up to speed with the latest information from the Office of the Children's Guardian. 

The OCG has everything you need to help you become a child safe organisation, including policy templates and samples, resources from our training programs, links to relevant organisations and legislation. 

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AAAS Audit Panel

The Australian Adventure Activity Standards are best-practice risk management for Outdoor Activities. Outdoors NSW & ACT strongly supports the use of the AAAS as advised by the Outdoor Council of Australia.

We are so committed to helping our industry use and adhere to their recommendations that we have set up a panel of experts that are able to assess Outdoor Activities for their compliance against the AAAS and Good Practice Guides. 

All members of Outdoors NSW & ACT have access to a negotiated discount rate with these providers to help businesses identify their gaps in processes and procedures and address them to provide best-practise risk management in the Outdoors.

Contact us to find out more.

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