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Outdoor Leader Sentiments on Pay & Working Conditions
Outdoor Leader Sentiments on Pay & Working Conditions

In late 2021 until February 2022, Hugh Sutherland, an Outdoor Leader himself was interested in finding out more about leader sentiments on pay and working conditions when he heard of some interesting practises and concerns raised amongst leaders around him.  He set about distributing a survey to understand if this was broader than his network and this is what the survey showed.

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Value of the Outdoors
Value of the Outdoors

Outdoor Education is an area that is understood by a small segment of our community that needs to be understood by all for the education of our youth.  Research has proven time and time again the connection to nature and providing a connected learning environment builds skills that can not be taught in a classroom. There are reasons independent schools invest in outdoor program campuses, this information flyer is only a taste of some of that evidence.

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Careers In The Outdoors
Careers In The Outdoors
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Outdoor Industry Research

The key to a better business is being informed. Research always plays an important role in being informed. This page is added to continuously so keep an eye on additions to our research database.  

A list of various research reports are listed to the right for ease of access. 

Journal of Outdoor & Environment Education

Members of Outdoors NSW & ACT are able to 'add-on' a JOEE subscription to their membership to keep up to date on academic papers relating to the Australian Outdoor Industry. 
Register for your subscription here.



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Thanks to the Outdoor Industry Association USA the attached report looks at the impact on the US Outdoor Industry and its ongoing impacts. 

Click here to read the report


CAMP Pricing Report 

In understanding the challenges in pricing camps for schools, Outdoors NSW & ACT conducted a price report and made it available to participants of the data collection. 

The findings were significant on understanding location, seasonality and the differences between processes on "FOC" considerations. 

Current Research Underway

Camp Provider Survey - CURRENTLY OPEN 

Camp providers make up a large part of the Outdoor Education Industry and service school children to build skills of resilience, social connection, adventure, and improve mental health. Many schools program this activity as an essential to their yearly calendar whilst other schools may not.



As an organisation we have no understanding of the following;

  1. Number of schools in NSW that are programming Outdoor Education into their yearly calendar

  2. Number of schools in NSW that are not programming Outdoor Education into their yearly calendar

  3. What are the obstacles/perceptions of the schools that do NOT program Outdoor Education


Desired Outcomes

  • Quantitative information pertaining to participation in Outdoor Education by schools in NSW

  • Qualitative information pertaining to perception, participation, and obstacles in Outdoor Education by schools

  • Other findings that relate to increasing participation in Outdoor Education by school children in NSW

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