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Liz Horne from Shine Outdoors will provide your AAAS Audit for you. 

The cost is $1000 per day and while most operators will need the one day, there maybe some operators due to the size of their operation that may require more. This will be agreed upon by you and the provider before commencement.

Book it today and be the best at risk management you can be. 

AAAS Audit with Shine Outdoors

GST Included
  • Shine Outdoors is excited to support industry to implement and work with the Australian Adventure Activities and Good Practice Guides.  We are able to provide an external audit process to organisations seeking feedback on their compliance with this important framework. 

    Liz Horne, one of our directors was a member of the NSW Adventure Activity Standards working group when they were developed in 2008 and 2009. 

    While working as the Strategic Development Officer for Outdoors NSW, Liz was part of the working group that developed the project plan to obtain national support and government funding for the development of a national adventure standard for outdoor providers.  It was a natural progression for Liz to represent NSW on the Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS) Steering Committee for the duration of the project.

    Industry information and training sessions were/are necessary to support organizations to review their practices informed by the AAAS and GPG.  Liz has developed and delivered training ranging from a one-hour national webinar to full day workshops delivered for Outdoors NSW.

    In addition to her comprehensive knowledge of the AAAS Liz brings 35 years experience in the outdoor sector to the table. Working in senior management positions for a variety of small and large organisations has given her a depth of knowledge in the relationship between establishing systems informed by standards, best practice, and implementing procedural strategies to support staff to deliver quality programs on the ground. 

    Shine Outdoors has a network of outdoor professionals to call on when specialist activity review is required.

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