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Jeffrey Lehrer from Re-ment-ion will provide your AAAS Audit for you. 

The cost is $1000 per day and while most operators will need the one day, there maybe some operators due to the size of their operation that may require more. This will be agreed upon by you and the provider before commencement.

Book it today and be the best at risk management you can be. 

AAAS Audit with Re-Ment-Ion

GST Included
  • Re-ment-ion is happily looking forward to helping your organisation with an external audit against the Australian Adventure Activity Standard and Good Practice Guides. We believe that external audits may be useful for negotiating insurance rates yet our passion lies with the higher value achieved through business improvements, safety considerations and higher quality outcomes for your clients.

    The director, Jeffrey Lehrer has been involved in the outdoors industry since the early 1990’s and is passionate about ensuring that defined standards are used to improve organisations. He has been contributing to and providing leadership in the development and implementation of standards in the outdoors sector for most of his career. Jeffrey has worked with a wide variety of outdoor operators in outdoor education, adventure tourism and community groups and youth development organisations. With intent to assist the industry his passion for the industry has resulted in a range of volunteer roles including a previous role as the president of the Outdoor Recreation Industry Council (now Outdoors NSW / ACT) and is currently an executive committee member for Youth Work NSW and is the chair of the Sport and Recreation Industry Reference Committee.    

     We can draw on a range of outdoor industry professionals across all activity areas. If your requirements are large, complex or time bound than without a doubt, regardless of the fact that they are also listed here as competitors providing AAAS audits, having worked before with Adam from Revolution Safety and Liz from Shine Outdoors we would happily work with them again to ensure that you get the best outcome for your organisation.

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