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What are Connect & Share Forums?

Since May 2020, Outdoors NSW & ACT has seen a continual need to connect our industry and help respond to areas of need. These may be information needs, connection needs or advice on various topics. Whatever the need, Outdoors NSW & ACT is accessible and ready to assist.

Every Friday at 10am, who ever is available jumps onto Zoom to hear from the organisation on whats happened this week and maybe hear from a speaker or two on relevant content on the Outdoors! Whether its 2 people or 50 people on line you can be sure the discussion will continue and be recorded for later viewing. Every session's general content is recorded and placed on the Outdoors NSW & ACT YouTube Channel for all to visit and listen in their own time.

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In 2022, the needs have changed slightly but are still very relevant for anyone in the Outdoor Industry as we find key people, organisations, and connections to help educate, inform and engage our industry. If you have a topic you would like to hear about or discuss on a future Connect & Share please let us know at

Register for these sessions by clicking on this link and you will then be able to join ANY Friday at 10am with the same link.

Future topics will cover;

- Bureau of Meteorology forecasting

- Fair Work and Awards

- Reconciliation Action Plans

- Tourism opportunities

- Climate Change Adaption

and much more...

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