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Covid and Staff

Needless to say, 2022 is starting off with some challenges. One challenge in particular, relates to the fast rate in the spread of Covid-19 in NSW & the ACT and its impact on our organisation's resources and our clientele's resources to be able to participate in our activities. We will need to continue to factor in the impact of cancellations as resourcing for our clientele will be just as challenging as our own, whether it's the clientele coming down with COVID-19 or the fact that the group bookings can not find the resources to coordinate and/or attend the activity. But there is another important issue arising from this that could potentially have a hugely detrimental effect on you, the organisation and the industry as a whole if left unattended to. One such issue that if left ignored could cause incidents that balance life or death situations. Organisations need to plan their resourcing well to ensure they have the staff numbers and capacity to match their organisation's required processes, the AAAS guidelines and relevant SWMS's to protect all staff and participants. This serves as a reminder to our industry to not take on more than they can safely manage even when we are trying to make up lost income from the previous year. It is not worth the detrimental effect on you, your organisation or the industry as a whole. We are a safe industry because of our risk management skills, let's keep it that way.

Covid-19 Fatigue Covid fatigue is real. A quick survey of various members has shown that the decrease on isolation period following contracting COVID-19 has meant many staff are returning to work in less than their full capacity. This can have a huge affect on their ability to function to their required level when in the field and organisations need to consider a 'Return to Work' program or lighter duties in the first instance. If you have any risk management questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, your Safework office or your Insurance Broker and risk adviser.

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