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A lifetime of experience creating and implementing effective Outdoor Education and adventure based travel experiences for all ages. Helped establish two Outward Bound centres, designed programmes and created staff training, development and career path schemes. Helped rural or island communities create and directly sell their activity based travel and tour services in order to financially sustain their communities, families, traditions and lifestyles. Utilised their traditional environmental knowledge and practices to create non-destructive means of generating income, food and community sustainability. Established marketing and sales channels to minimise community exploitation by international travel marketing businesses. Supervised safe operations, investigated the cause of incidents and implemented solutions in terms of equipment, staff training and operational proctices. Balanced the need for safety with the need for real personal development outcomes derived from Outdoor Education. Contrasted the low risks of participation in Outdoor Education compared to the higher risks associated with daily life; in travel, sport and at home. Established new training mediums, activities and operational areas to sustain the educational effectiveness of Outdoor Education despite the encroachment of urbanisation or the loss of existing wilderness environments required to underpin productive experiential learning. In order to maintain circumstances where action and consequences can be connected through real and personally meaningful experiences. So long lasting personal understanding and effective interpersonal skills, behaviours and attitudes can develop.

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