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Riding for Positive Mental Health

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Riding for Positive Mental Health

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1800 844 659

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1800 844 659

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‘Riding for Positive Mental Health’ is a 12-week program that combines the physical activity of bike riding, led by Addventageous, with a structured education program, provided by the BE UNSTOPPABLE FOUNDATION, a registered charity that delivers mental health support and programs for adults and kids, using evidence-based mental health management strategies and positive psychology tools.

The program offers community participants a holistic approach to proactive self-care, arming them with skills to apply life-long that nurture resilience, emotional control, better management of ‘adverse mental health’ including stress, anxiety and depression, enhanced wellbeing and counselling/coaching support, along with education and practice on bike/riding skills, with strengthened community connection, through weekly learning workshops and riding in groups. The combination of sport and mental health education is key to the development of ‘positive mental health’ and wellbeing.
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