Membership is...

More than just a membership

As an Outdoors NSW  & ACT member, you help us to represent the interests of all outdoor community users in NSW & the ACT. The greater the membership numbers, the stronger voice we share and the more we can achieve.


Our purpose is to raise the profile, increase participation, and develop capacity with opportunity for positive outdoor experiences, environmental and cultural activities in NSW & the ACT, and play a leading role in promoting and developing the outdoors community in NSW, ACT, and beyond.

We do this through the representation of members and member groups, promotion of members and outdoor activities, advocacy with government and land/water managers.


We also work with industry professionals to further the professionalism and integrity of our industry, and membership to Outdoors NSW & ACT enables the collective local voices of both the NSW & ACT outdoor operators to be heard at all levels of government, empowering us to help shape the future of our own industry.

We welcome membership applications from organisations and individuals involved in the outdoor industry.


Membership to Outdoors NSW & ACT is available to any commercial, not-for-profit, volunteer, educational or government organisation, group, association, body, or individual and offers a range of benefits that will assist you and/or your organisation to provide high-quality outdoor experiences.