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As a member of Outdoors NSW & ACT you have access to many opportunities and resources. 

Some of these are listed below.


Value of Outdoor Education 

Outdoor Education is an area that is understood by a small segment of our community that needs to be understood by all for the education of our youth. 

Research has proven time and time again the connection to nature and providing a connected learning environment builds skills that can not be taught in a classroom. There are reasons independent schools invest in outdoor program campuses, this information flyer is only a taste of some of that evidence. 

“Spending more time in green spaces was linked to reduced levels of the stress hormone cor

Severe Weather Guidance Note

Thanks to the work of our Incident Response & Risk Management Sub-committee, we are pleased to make available to the industry the updated "Severe Weather Guidance Note" that was originally compiled by the Outdoor Recreation Centre Inc in 2009.
Updated with information for today's users it is a great tool to use for any planning for Outdoor activities. Thank you to our sub-committee volunteers.


The Australian Adventure Activity Standards are best-practise risk management for Outdoor Activities. Outdoors NSW & ACT strongly supports the use of the AAAS as advised by the Outdoor Council of Australia. So committed are we to helping our industry use and adhere to their recommendations, we have set up a panel of experts that are able to assess Outdoor Activities for their compliance against the AAAS and Good Practice Guides. 

All members of Outdoors NSW & ACT have access to a negotiated discount rate with these providers to help businesses identify their gaps in processes and procedures and address them to provide best-practise risk management in the Outdoors.

Contact us to find out more.

AAAS Audit Panel


Outdoor Industry
Connect & Share Forums

Every week Outdoors NSW & ACT has been hosting a Connect & Share forum for our industry on current topics, opportunities, and issues. All of these sessions are recorded and available for members to reference.

Links to all sessions can be located via our YouTube channel.

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Topics that have been covered include; 

- Insurance in the outdoor sector 

- working with children compliance 

- tourism promotion and working with destinations 

- opportunities within inland NSW 

- strategic planning 

- avalanche research and monitoring 

- environment and climate change 

- updates from key industry partners 

- and much more...


For other tools and resources, log in via your member user ID and gain access to research, data, and much more. 


Outdoor Industry MasterClasses

Each year Outdoors NSW & ACT seeks funding to hold an Outdoor industry MasterClass for members. This is an exclusive opportunity to discuss key areas of development for our industry and bring specialists in their fields direct to the members of Outdoors NSW & ACT. 

In 2021, the MasterClass was held on 29th March 2021 in Woden, ACT. The topics included Connection to Country, AAAS, Affective Abilities and Marketing 101. 

Here are some images from the day and also some attendee feedback from the opportunity. 

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with my peers exploring relevant issues in the outdoor sector in 2021. I have started on my to do list that came from the day."

"The Masterclass was an invaluable day for someone starting out with her outdoor business! Each session was incredibly informative and actionable, and the day was fun and interactive - a great chance to meet people from all over. I will definitely be attending the next one!"

"The March '21 Masterclass was an absolute ripper: great relevant content, discussed in a room full of diverse and friendly people from the industry. If you missed it you missed out!"

"A fabulous opportunity to come together and have valuable and meaningful conversations that can enable us to have a bright future in the outdoors"


Outdoor Industry Research

For the latest of research available on the Outdoor Sector, Click here.

To obtain the Journal of Outdoor Environment Education of Australia, subscribe here.