National Outdoor Education Conference 2021 Partners


playmeo creates simple, yet powerful training workshops & resources that help people connect.

We love working with motivated outdoor educators & leaders who are responsible for the wellbeing of others because, like us, they know that strong relationships amplify the results of whatever they are trying to get done.

playmeo is best known for curating the largest online database of group games & activities in the world featuring 500+ ice-breakers, energisers, trust exercises & team-building activities.

Founding director Mark Collard has carved a career as an experiential trainer spanning 30+ years. He has written five best-selling books - including No Props No Problem and Serious Fun - and is actively engaged as a keynote speaker all over the world.

Mark is also NOEC's Master of Ceremonies in 2021.

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Supporting the National Outdoor Education Conference is more than a sponsorship, its a partnership. Contact us to find out more.