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Young Skater Relaxing

after-school activitY Program

Tell us about your current participation in sport and physical activity so we can work out what will be a winner for you!

This short survey below should take about 3 minutes to complete

Tell us what you want
I am:
Do you currently participate in sport/or active recreation? (e.g. football, bike riding, dance)
How many days per week do you to participate in sport or active recreation for 60 minutes or more?
What type of sport or physical activity/ies are you currently doing? (select as many as you have done this term)
What motivates you to participate in sport or physical activities? (select your top 2 choices)
What stops you from participating in sport or physical activity (select your top 2 choices)
What type of physical activities would you like to do in the future? (select your top 2 choices)

Thanks for submitting!

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